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Samsung to launch $100 phone in Indian Market to compete Chinese manufacturers

A war between Chinese Smartphone Manufacturers and other giants like Samsung continues to grab the market share. Samsung is more likely to launch $100 phone in the Indian market after it opened its world’s largest factory in India.

Samsung was at the top of market share in Indian market until last year, but the company is facing downturn due to Xiaomi’s $100 smartphones, Huawei, Vivo and Oppo’s cheaper variants as well.

The population of 1.3 billion is not easy to be overlooked; it is a big piece of cake which every company wants to grab. Samsung has recently inaugurated its world’s largest manufacturing factory in Noida, India which could be proved as a great plan for the Indian market.

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In order to reclaim its market share from the Chinese manufacturers, Samsung has to redesign its strategy in the sub-continent. The company has set the targets to effectively target the low-priced Indian market at the $100 level. The plant in Noida has introduced an improvement in production levels which would take the 6.7 million production capacity to 120 million phones per year. Samsung would have enough advantage of setting up this factory in order to produce two priced smartphones by eliminating 20% of export tax barriers—Business Korea reported.

According to Counterpoint research, Indian smartphone market which has the highest sales ranges between 10,000 to 25,000 rupees ($145 to $363). The low priced market grew by almost 50% within the last year due to Chinese smartphone offerings, Xiaomi’s Hongmi Note 5 was considered the best selling smartphone in India during the first quarter. Another smartphone by Huawei RealMe was the second most selling smartphone which was sold at 9,900 rupees ($144).

Samsung is likely to target Indian market with its low-priced Galaxy J Series, the company has earlier released Galaxy J7 Duo and Galaxy J6 to measure the response from the market, the company will release the new Galaxy J8 this month as well, the new model would be priced at 15,000 rupees ($218), the company might further reduce the prices of its upcoming models in India.

Samsung’s spokesperson said the company will also consider restructuring of IT and Mobile communications (IM) division to target the Indian market more aggressively. The company has moved its AI developer and big data division from the service business to development department, in order to make Bixby 2.0 service popular in Indian market.