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Samsung to launch GEMS Hip Exoskeleton Wearable Next

Samsung plans to launch its first GEMS Hip exoskeleton, a “wearable” assistive robot that will make walking easier for people with mobility problems, in August.

He already made eyes at us Samsung with their advances in 6G connectivity, although from Suwon they want to continue making people talk in the year in which they have shone the most in their entire history, now programming the launch of what will be his next big electronic project presented in 2020 in Las Vegas. It’s called GEMS Hip Assistive Robot and yes, it is an exoskeleton of those that promise to revolutionize our future by assisting us in our daily tasks or becoming “super-humans” with greater strength, more speed, or greater balance.

The Samsung GEMS Hip Assistive Robot during its presentation at CES 2022. Samsung’s idea, in fact, as colleagues from SamMobile is that this GEMS Hip becomes our assistance robot when walking or running because the South Korean mechanical monstrosity is capable of reducing the metabolic cost of walking by 24% and also accelerating our speed by 14%. It would therefore be the first step -never better said- so that this type of device can also become the prosthetics of the new age helping people with reduced mobility to walk, carry or grab things for people without upper limbs or even opening the range of possible jobs to people who have back problems or similar.

In the electronics and mobile industry, Samsung shines brighter than ever as we mentioned, Samsung’s new exoskeleton was presented at CES 2020 and after completing its development targets the US market as a shuttle, because it seems that there this robotics sector grew by 21% annually since 2016 and still has a long way to go as an emerging business.

At this point nothing is surprising, because we already know Suwon’s company and his love of being everywhere also always at the forefront, launching markets and proposing solutions (sometimes even problems we didn’t have) within this consumer electronics industry. these exoskeletons are the hope for many people so we are happy to see progress, especially in health-oriented implementations as is the case with this Samsung GEMS Hip, which is right now pending US FDA approval precisely because of the need to register it as a medical device.

Samsung already has ISO 1372 certification and now awaits approval from the FDA to start sales of its first exoskeleton, this GEMS Hip that could help people with mobility problems walk already during the next month of August.

This is the GEMS Hip Assistive Robot, Samsung’s first exoskeleton. The nomenclature, in case you were wondering, comes from the acronym for “Gait Enhancing & Motivating System”, which in Spanish it is something like “Motivation and Gait Improvement System” so you already understand where the shots of the device will go oriented as a tool for people with mobility problems or with some motor disability.

Unfortunately, not many details have emerged about the possibilities of the GEMS Hip, beyond that Samsung obtained ISO 1372 certificate for the device and intends to sell it, if it receives authorization from the FDA, starting next August. We don’t know their price either, but they tell us the fountains will be manufactured in about 50,000 units in the first batch. Samsung reveals its plans for 6G: it will be up to 50 times faster than 5G and will move 1 terabit per second.