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Samsung to notch up its game with a Galaxy X in the works

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is to be released really soon. However, if one pays attention to the rumors in the tech market then there are reports that Galaxy S10 can also be brought to the audience in January and be a possible CES starring role, paving way for the mobile phone giant to garner accolade at the Mobile World Congress with the mysterious Galaxy X. The Note which was to be traditionally launched at the Berlin’s IFA conference will now be released in the late-August launch slot. The fast production to potential July or August launch, could be a move to stockpile devices but aims to bring more of the initial sale into the third calendar quarter.

The sales of the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are moderate but not off the charts, there is a need to boost the balance sheet more firm would not be looked down upon. Therefore, there will be seven months left between the new Note launch and the Galaxy S released in the time after the launch at Mobile World Congress. As reported earlier, Samsung had the option to go for a sneak preview of the Galaxy S9 at CES 2018 but declined the marketing opportunity.

The appearance of Note 9 makes way for an early release of the Galaxy S10 as well-which will provide steady sales in the Q1 2019. This would work tremendously for the market if Samsung comes up with a new design, show off a new user interface and use its radical approach to tech-all of which we are expecting to be released at MWC in February 2019 and to go on sale at the start of the second quarter.

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