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Samsung To Reduce The Price Of Galaxy S21 Series By 10 Percent

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In October of this year, SamMobile reported that information obtained from relevant sources in the supply chain showed that some key components of Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy  S series flagships have been reduced in price, including radiofrequency components. And its display module, etc., the reduction range is 8% to 9%, and it may drop again at the end of this year, which allows Samsung’s next-generation flagship to leave more room for pricing. A few days ago, some Korean media said that Samsung plans to lower the price of its Galaxy S series by about 10%.

According to reports, the price of Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra will be 100-150 US dollars cheaper than its predecessors, which means that the Galaxy S21 series start at US$ 850 to US$899, S21 Plus starts at US$ 1050 or US$1099, while S21 Ultra starts at US$1250 or US$1299. In recent years, although Samsung has maintained its dominant position in the global mobile phone market, the shipment status of its high-end flagship products in the Chinese market is not very satisfactory.

One of the major reasons is that relatively high prices have discouraged many consumers. When having the same core configuration, domestic brands have obvious advantages in price, and if Samsung Galaxy S21 series has been reduced in price, coupled with Samsung’s excellent product quality, its sales in domestic and overseas markets will be promoted to a certain extent and considering that Samsung may use Galaxy Z series folding screen products to replace the Note series flagship next year, the price of the folding screen will obviously be higher, so the Galaxy S series may become the flagship product that will be sold throughout 2021. The price is obviously more conducive to volume.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series flagship is expected to be officially released in January. There will be a 6.2- inch S21, a 6.7- inch S21+, and a 6.9-inch S21 Ultra. The most concerned one is definitely the S21 Ultra, which will use 2K+ resolution. OLED display, 120Hz high-brush screen, and may support S Pen, which is one of the reasons why the Note series may be canceled. 

The core configuration previously revealed that it will be equipped with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 888 (previously known as Snapdragon 875), but it is interesting that Samsung happened to be missing from the first batch of partner brands announced at Qualcomm’s press conference yesterday. It is inevitable that it is intriguing. Samsung has prepared the Exynos 2100 itself. It will use the Cortex X1 super core like the Snapdragon 888  , and the previously exposed running scores are also comparable. Is it possible that Samsung will first launch its own Exynos 2100 next year, which is very exciting waiting for it?