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Samsung Voice Assistant Bixby Now Supports DeX Station


The South Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung has further developed its own Bixby voice assistant and equipped it with new functions. The tool can now be used in combination with the DeX docking station. In addition, the interface has been revised.

App adapts to display mode and dark mode

According to the official Samsung Newsroom, the design of the Bixby app has been simplified with the latest update. This is to improve the user experience. In addition, the app now adapts to the display mode. The color of the background depends on whether the system-wide dark mode has been activated or whether a lighter theme has been set.

The new arrangement of the elements should give users a better overview. After Bixby has been called, the application should initially only occupy the lower third of the screen. This means that the user does not have to interrupt a video playback in order to be able to interact with the assistant.

Bixby gives personalized recommendations

In addition, Bixby is now able to give the user personalized recommendations. The suggestions are based on the user’s previous behavior and take into account recent requests.

No release date known yet

Another big innovation is the ability to use Bixby as part of Samsung’s own DeX docking station. This allows users to interact with the voice assistant even when the smartphone is connected to an external display. It is still unclear when the new features will be delivered in this country.