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Samsung’s aggressive marketing campaign for Galaxy Z Fold2 resulted in a price cut of $200

Samsung is aggressively promoting the Galaxy Z Fold 2. First it reduced the price in Korea, and now in the UK and the US.

Samsung has reduced the Galaxy Z Fold 2 price in the UK by £200 and $200 in the US. This action is to make the device more affordable and hence more popular among the masses. The new price for this smartphone in the US and the UK is $1,800 and £1,600, respectively.

This is a permanent offer. This action came just two days after the company reduced prices in Korea.

The company offers a 60-day “trial period” for both the Galaxy Z Fold2 and the Galaxy Z Flip. This offer is limited to the UK smartphone market only. With this offer, you can grab any one of them on a trial basis for 60 days. Of course, you would have to buy it first!

The company seems to be aggressively promoting its foldable devices. The reduction in its price and then this 60-day trial period are all signs of aggressive marketing. On the other hand, users might also be reluctant to buy a foldable device for such a high price. But yet again, if they are uncertain, they have the 60-day trial period.

In the USA, the company is marketing differently. With its referral program for foldable smartphones, the Galaxy Fold and Flip series owners can create a unique referral code through the Samsung Members app and share it with their network. Those buying using that referral code will get $100 off when they purchase a foldable, and the referrer receives a $100 credit for Samsung.com too.

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