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Samsung’s Connect Tag—For Keeping a Track on All that Matters

Samsung Connect Tag is being launched by Samsung Electronics for keeping track on the loved ones, precious accessories and all matters of daily life. This connect tag would be the very first consumer mobile product that would be equipped with narrowband network technology (NB-IoT, Cat.M1). This technology is specifically made for cellular communications which do not require much data consumption, low power utilization and the potential of connecting to internet networks for ideal location services. The Connect Tag provides smart location alerts built on NB-IoT or Cat.M1 system, by taking full advantage of the internet services to find the location of family members and important things.

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This new technology would be working with GPS, Wi-Fi-based positioning (WPS) and Cellular ID for receiving exact information about the location no matter where. The Samsung Connect Tag can be attached to various objects to keep track of them like they can be put on the dog’s collar for keeping a record of its whereabouts also it could be attached to the school bag of a young child so his/her tracks could be traced and it could also be attached to keys so that they do not get lost.

The device with its offerings of tracking and providing alerts would also help in reducing stress relating the loved ones or important items. This technology would not only provide increased security but also would be enhancing the lifestyles.

Samsung aims to provide a unified Internet of Things (IoT) experience across its various launched and to be launched devices. The Connect Tag would be bind to the SmartThings Ecosystem which would enable it to work incorporation with the customer’s smart home appliances. Samsung Connect Tag’s geo-fence feature would enable notifications so if after a night out, on way back home, the customer feels like turning on TV and lights, then via the Connect Tag, this could be achieved. It would trigger these devices to turn on as the customer reaches some pre-defined area. Using this feature, notifications can also be activated for stuff like a child entering school or a dog jumping off the fence.

The Connect Tag focuses on reducing anxiety by proving maximum help with its features. For instance, in a crowded car parking for locating one’s car (if the car is tagged with the Samsung Connect) simply by pressing a button on the cellphone the car’s location could be traced.

There is also this feature of ‘Send my location’ which even a young one can use to inform about his/her whereabouts to parents or guardians.

The device is of compact size measuring 4.21 cm in width and 1.19 cm in thickness. It is water and dust proof for keeping it durable. It could retain its battery for up to a week, so there is no need of charging it again and again. It comes attached to a ring so that it could easily be tagged onto backpacks, dog collars or key chains.

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The Connect Tag would be demonstrated on October 18th – 19th at the Samsung Developer Conference-2017. The conference would be held at Moscone Center, San Francisco, California, United States. The device would first be available in Korea and after that, it would be released in chosen countries in coming months.

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