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Samsung’s New Phones Surpassed Apple iPhone X Says Consumer Reports

According to the Consumer Reports, iPhone X is not the best phone to buy instead majority of people are better served by Samsung’s latest released smartphones.

The persuasive publication recently unveiled its complete detailed review of the $1,000 mobile phone and concluded that the Samsung’s latest smartphones, in fact even the older iPhones—iPhone 8 series are much better options for the people.

In the report justifications were provided for listing Samsung’s latest releases above Apple in the rankings. Samsung superseded majorly because of the offering of better battery life whereas iPhone X’s battery life is low.

iPhone X has the potential of breaking easily and the repair rates along with the actual phone price are high in comparison to Samsung.

The Consumer Reports strongly suggests using a protective case for the iPhone X to consumers to protect the phone from any damage.

Taken as a complete package iPhone ranked somewhat lower than Samsung’s S8, S8+ and Note 8, majorly because of the battery life.

Apple has its own set of loyal customers who do not wish or like to switch to an Android phone, as per the report the actual question for them is whether to save some money or a lot of money and instead buy iPhone 8 or 8+.

However, iPhone X’s some features were praised like the attractive display, the Face ID feature, and the brilliant cameras. Yet, these features were unable to surpass Samsung Galaxy S8’s iris scanner and OLED display.

Samsung ranked on the first two positions with Galaxy S8 and S8+, whereas Galaxy Note 8 ranked at the sixth position. iPhone took the ninth place and iPhone 8+ was on the third rank followed by iPhone 8 in the fourth place.

As per the report, iPhone 8 and 8+ were more resistant to breaking as compare to iPhone X when tests were performed, and users would also appreciate the familiar home button.

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