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Samsung’s New S-Pen To Have a Camera


According to current information, Samsung has not yet given up the Galaxy Note series, so another model should appear in the coming year. A patent now shows what a revised S-Pen could look like. The pen should have an integrated camera.

The patent was applied for on March 5th and discovered by Letsgodigital after publication on September 10th. The application describes a wireless camera module that will be added to the S-Pen. The lens should be able to replace the selfie camera on a smartphone. For this, the digital pen only needs to be accommodated in its holder. The S-Pen is then moved with the help of a magnet and extended upwards.

Flattened Sides

In addition, the camera should also be able to be used when the pen has been removed from the holder. This makes it much easier to take selfies because the user does not have to hold the smartphone in their hand. A flattened side makes it possible, for example, to place the S-Pen on the table and then use the camera. Photos can either be taken using the button on the pen or using the button in the software.

Another sketch shows that the S-Pen could also replace the camera module on the back in the future. The advantage of such a design is that the high-resolution sensors can be removed from the smartphone and used freely.

Could Be Released Next Year

The built-in camera communicates wirelessly with the smartphone. WLAN, Bluetooth, or NFC could be used for this. Of course, the pen should also support all existing features, so that the S-Pen can be used as a remote release for the main camera or to recognize gestures. Since it is just a patent, the technology is not necessarily integrated into a final product. Should Samsung implement the ideas described, it would be conceivable that the revised version of the S-Pen will see the light of day together with the flagship models next year. It remains unclear what price the digital pen with camera could cost.