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Samsung’s New Trifold Smartphone Will Be Released By The End Of 2021

Samsung Trifold

Samsung would announce a foldable smartphone with a screen that folds in three by the end of the year. The new Samsung Trifold device is still, under development, this smartphone would be equipped with two hinges. In the years to come, the Seoul giant will bet everything on its catalogue of foldable phones, to the detriment of certain flagship ranges, including the Note.

A new report from Nikkei prophesies the arrival of a foldable Samsung smartphone opting for a new design. Unlike the previous productions of the South Korean brand, including the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and the Galaxy Z Flip, this future phone would be built around a screen that folds into three parts. De facto, the slab would be split by the presence of two hinges.

“The design of the smartphone is thought out in such a way that the aspect ratio of the unfolded screen conforms to the ratio of 16: 9 or 18: 9, so that more video games and other applications could run more. easily with better resolutions ”explains a source close to the industry to Nikkei. In the past, Samsung has already filed several patents for a smartphone that folds in three, whether inward or outward.

Samsung Bets Everything On Foldable

According to sources interviewed by Nikkei, Samsung is determined to enrich its catalogue of foldable smartphones with several new models every year. The emphasis on the foldable will inevitably precipitate the end of certain flagship ranges of the manufacturer. As expected, the Galaxy Note range will soon come to an end. Samsung will not be launching a Note 21 this year by the way. “The suspension of the Note series was pretty much decided on last year.

The company wants to bet more on foldable phones that have much higher prices with distinctive designs ”details a source familiar with the matter. Another source adds: “The company plans to use foldable phones as a key differentiator” between its different offerings. Thanks to its enriched offer, Samsung hopes to sell 10 million foldable smartphones every year around the world.

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