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Sarahah App Gets Top Twitter Trend In Pakistan

Anonymous Chat app is getting so popular these days and got to the top trends on Twitter in Pakistan. Everyone is talking about the app now

Sarahah was initially developed Saudi Arabian Developer as a website where employees can post anonymous feedback to their employers. Later the developer thought it could also be used at the individual level where people can post anonymous feedback for their friends and family.

So it’s all started like this, and it has become the top free app on PlayStore recently, more interestingly, the app is getting on top twitter trend in Pakistan for a couple of days.

Why is the app getting so much of Razzmatazz? Why are people talking about it?

What’s so new in the app?

These are the questions we need to ask ourselves, but according to android authority the app is becoming a new platform for cyber bullying,

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Whether or not notorious the app is getting popular with the lightning speed, it’s up to the developers now how they could leverage the app usage and provide best user experience while lowering the level of criticism.




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