SC Suspends Shahid Masood’s TV Show for 3 Months

The Supreme Court on Tuesday placed a ban on the television show of Shahid Masood—a senior anchor-person for three months.

A three-judge bench led by the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar started hearing the case owing to the allegations made by Masood relating the rape and murder case of a seven-year-old girl of Kasur.

The bench also instructed Shahid Masood to submit a written unconditional apology.

During the court session proceedings, the Chief Justice of Pakistan recalled Masood’s statement that he was ready to get “hanged” if any of his allegations are proven wrong and said that no capital punishment would be given to him however the CJP asked him to suggest what punishment should he be awarded with.

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Dr Masood on this replied that he is ready to be taken off-air for two consecutive months, to which Justice Nisar said six months. After many arguments exchange, the bench took the decision to suspend his news show for three months.

Mian Nisar while talking to Shahid Masood said that he is not aware of what Dr Masood thinks of the courts in Pakistan, but he said that it should be clear that either the courts have changed or maybe he has evolved.

The senior anchor-person also offered a separate unconditional apology over the unethical remarks made in his programme against Ayesha Hamid—Additional Advocate General Punjab.

Following the hearing session, Shahid Masood submitted a written unconditional apology to the highest court.

As per the submitted apology it mentioned that he expresses his apology for whatever he stated in the said programmes and offers his unconditional, sincere and unqualified apology from the court.

In the earlier sessions of the court, SC has denied Dr Masood’s reply in Zainab’s rape and murder case and has called it “unacceptable”.

The CJP observed that Shahid Masood made incorrect statements before the court and said that this is also contempt of court and there would be a punishment for it according to the law.

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