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Seagate Releases First 3.5-inch 16TB Hard Drive

Seagate Technology held an event “Foundation of Building Capacity Clouds” in Beijing on June 26, 2019. The companies Seagate Technology and Enterprise Eco-partners communication organized a joint launch conference in Beijing.

During the conference, Seagate announced Galaxy Exos X16, the latest generation of hard drive storage for enterprises, cloud computing and large-scale data centers.

The new product Galaxy Exos X16 series 16TB enterprise-class xenon hard drive is a next level solution for companies working on big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and edge computing.

Industry partners Inspur and Xinhua III were also present at the conference and they provided insights to the leading technologies such as; AI, Big data, Cloud Computing along with the strengths of the new hard drive launched by Seagate.

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The Seagate Galaxy X16 Enterprise Hard Drive becomes the world’s largest 3.5-inch 7200RPM hard drive which delivers exceptional performance while making it easier to manage, cost-effective and robust. The hard drive provides more flexibility, reduces complexity in various workload applications by improving input/output I/O and enhanced caching.

Seagate racks up the capacity in Seagate Galaxy X16 as compared to the previous 12TB hard drive which had the same size. The new hard drive increases the rack capacity by 33%

Vice president of product line marketing at Seagate Technology, Sai Varanasi, said: “The Galaxy X16 hard drive has been widely deployed and adopted by many enterprises worldwide, especially in China. The product not only helps enterprise users, service delivery but also, business and large scale data centers reduce total cost of ownership while supporting ever-changing workloads and applications. Seagate and ECO partnered to bring this product to the market to meet the data center and enterprise demand.”