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Search WhatsApp Stickers Easily with this Upcoming Feature

With this new WhatsApp feature, you will find it easy and fun to find WhatsApp Stickers based on the words you type in.


WhatsApp is working on a new feature to make chats more expressive. You will see stickers from your WhatsApp library based on the words you type into the chatbox with this feature.

WABetaInfo said in a blog post:

“WhatsApp is developing a feature that allows you to quickly search for stickers. The feature will analyze the first word typed in the chat bar and, if it matches any sticker saved in your sticker library,a suggestion will be shown.”

The sticker icon will change when there is a suggestion. You then can tap the icon to see the suggestions. Watch this video clip for a better understanding.

However, this new feature works well with official WhatsApp stickers. Third-party stickers created from apps like Sticker Maker will work differently.

This WhatsApp feature is still in its testing phase. Once completed, the company would start rolling out the update to its Android and iOS users.

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