Seeking a Knowledgeable Public Insurance Adjuster Near You 

When you’re searching for a skilled local public adjuster to assist with a property damage insurance claim, it’s crucial to choose someone who is reliable, trustworthy, and experienced in handling your claim.

Local Public Adjuster Insight


Our goal is to provide comprehensive information to help you make an informed decision when seeking a public adjuster in your vicinity. We leverage years of expertise to suggest the most suitable public adjuster for your distinct needs. Engaging with a public adjuster through our recommendations ensures you collaborate with a competent, licensed expert to optimize your insurance claim compensation.


Engaging the wrong public adjuster might compromise your negotiations with the insurance company. Just as a subpar realtor can impede the home-buying process or an unsuitable attorney can negatively affect a court case, choosing an unqualified public adjuster could jeopardize your standing with the insurance company’s representative. As the public adjuster sector is highly specialized, an ill-informed choice can be detrimental.

Settling an insurance claim can be intricate and protracted. If you aren’t part of the insurance sector, understanding its intricacies can be daunting. Despite even top-rated insurance companies sometimes exploiting their leverage, they are legally mandated to act in good faith. They must use plain, comprehensible language in their policies.

Without a public adjuster’s guidance, it can be challenging for policyholders to navigate these waters. Public adjusters, sometimes referred to as private insurance adjusters, are there to represent you. Their objective is to manage your claim from start to finish, streamlining the process and ensuring you receive the maximum compensation allowed by your insurance contract. Connecting with an adept public adjuster can significantly enhance the outcome of your insurance claim process.

Many clients concur that upon hiring a public adjuster, they feel significantly relieved.

Why Hire a Public Insurance Adjuster?

While your insurance company will dispatch its own adjuster, its primary interest lies in safeguarding the company’s finances. In contrast, a public or private adjuster is committed to representing you. They are not affiliated with the insurance company. Their expertise can be instrumental in demystifying insurance policy language, especially during large claims which are typically more complex.

A public insurance adjuster’s involvement isn’t always necessary, but a genuine and skilled adjuster will transparently discuss the potential advantages of their services for your specific claim.

When to Engage a Public Adjuster 

It’s typically beneficial to hire a public adjuster for disputed claims or those exceeding $50,000. They can help ensure you are rightfully compensated without unnecessary contention. Their fees, usually between 10% to 15% of the final settlement, are agreed upon beforehand.

Studies indicate that claims involving public adjusters often result in considerably higher settlements than those without.

Finding a Trustworthy Public Adjuster

With the industry being so specialized, it can be challenging to discern between proficient and inadequate public adjusters. Researching their licenses, qualifications, and certifications is essential. After unfortunate events, many public adjusters may approach affected individuals with lofty promises. It’s vital to ascertain the right fit for your needs.

Public Adjuster Operations

A public adjuster possesses the expertise to oversee your insurance claim from its inception to its conclusion. They’re adept at negotiations, damage assessment, and securing a just settlement. Many have transitioned from working for insurance companies to representing policyholders, granting them unique insights into the industry.

Key Considerations While Hiring

Licensing: Ensure your public adjuster is licensed in your state.

Association Memberships: Membership in national or local public adjuster associations can indicate dedication to the profession.

Experience: Ensure their experience aligns with your claim type.

Transparent Fees: Clarity about their fee structure is crucial.

References: If reviews aren’t available online, ask for references.

Reaching Out to a Public Adjuster Near You

Who We Are

We are a Florida-licensed public adjusting firm. Our only focus is providing Public Adjusting services, however, our staff have combined expertise in the fields of public adjusting, law, construction, and engineering. We are experts and the very best in the industry. Please take a moment to contact us for our resumes in consideration for selecting us to represent and fight for you. 

VIP Adjusting’s founder started his career as an attorney, litigating denied claims, underpaid insurance claims, and bad faith claims handling related to Hurricane Wilma in Indian River, St. Lucie and Martin Counties. He has since handled and overseen claims adjustment and litigation related to more than a thousand individual claims.

After receiving hundreds of referrals at various stages throughout the claim adjustment phase (often incomplete and requiring additional work to get the claim to the “finish line”), and upon the relocation of several family members to the great state of Florida, it was decided that the talents could be combined to offer a more comprehensive public adjusting service than is readily available in the market place today.

For assistance with a public adjuster, feel free to reach out to us.

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