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SideWalk: Amazon’s Mesh Technology Faces Privacy Issues

Amazon Mesh Technology

As announced, Amazon has launched a new mesh technology in the United States to improve the Internet connection of Amazon Echo devices and ring security systems. But Amazon has received a lot of criticism for the new feature.

This is reported by Forbes magazine, referring to a number of security specialists who had expressed their concerns about the released release. The main point of criticism is that the new extra is now active by default in connected Amazon accounts. This means that if a user does not want to allow the release, he must take action himself. To what extent this is understood by users at all is unclear.

Gateway For Unauthorized Persons

With the new technology, Amazon is initially pursuing the goal of improving wireless data transmission technologies with its own technology. The new radio technology is intended to do away with the various disadvantages and provide a method with which larger distances can be covered with low energy requirements. 

The new feature is therefore activated automatically in order to supply the largest possible number of users. But that is paternalism and encroachment on privacy that should not be accepted – especially since many questions about the security of the system are currently still completely open, security experts and data protectors agree. Correspondingly, there is also the fear that the sidewalk could be used as a gateway for unauthorized persons into your own home network. Security experts are now warning Amazon customers of the update, which will bring the changes with it.

Users should now be aware of which updates are offered to them and how the settings change. It is important that you decide for yourself whether you want the release or not. It is not known when Sidewalk will come to Germany; the function is currently only available in the USA.