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Siempo can help kill your phone addiction


The application Siempo can kill your cell phone addiction by limiting diversions and prioritizing notifications that show up on your home screen.

Pretty much, we as a whole are dependent on cell phones and checking cell phone addiction isn’t something simple to do. Right now accessible for Android, an application Siempo can control your cell phone addiction by tweaking the home screen of your cell phone into a Black and White interface. The application accompanies various highlights that help you avoid your cell phone and limit the time you spend utilizing it. The Black and White home screen configuration is free from bright logs, distracting symbols and badges that drive you to invest more energy in your cell phone.

Extraordinary compared to other highlights of this application is “Batching Notifications” which let you customize your notification setting and set the timetable when you need them to fly up on your screen. This will stop the superfluous interferences every time you get another notification. In addition, by introducing Siempo distinctive time wasting applications are randomized which makes them elusive and you won’t unexpectedly open them. Another component to limit your distraction is you can bolt your screen so at whatever point you will endeavor to open it, a warning “Stay off your Phone” will show up.

Andrew Dunn, the CEO of the application Siempo stated:

“Users have reported that merely the act of identifying which apps they want to use less creates a huge shift in their relationship with that app. We aim to be a good, trusted, impactful tech company that is on the user’s side, respecting their wellbeing and privacy.”

In any case, on the off chance that you can’t focus on the possibility of the moderate home screen by setting its White and Black interface, you can likewise change it to greyscale which is marginally less diverting.

The application is at present accessible on Google Play store in its beta form which is free yet the organization has an idea to charge for it later on.

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