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Siri-Powered Homepod Launched By Apple

A Siri-powered HomePod has been launched by Apple. An unusual mixture of Google Home and Mac Pro, HomePod can be called a talking music system for your home. The massive bass woofer in the center can make this Home Pod completely rock your house.

HomePod has the ability to separate various parts of music in compound parts and then use those parts to create a heavy booming mix that can control your room.

Moreover in order to wake this HomePod the user would say “Hey Siri. Once it wakes up it cannot just play music but also answer your questions and govern other smart appliances found in your home.

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Also it operates with HomeKit so if you order something like turn off the lights it will obey. It will also respond to queries like Hey Siri, who is the musician in the song

Tim Cook Chief executive said that they want to bring advancement in home music just like in portable music.

The feature HomePod will use to understand voice queries is through its internal microphones. Speaker has made Siri a “musicologist” as per Apple. It has incomparable information of personal music preferences and can guide users in discovering different fresh music.

The speaker less than 7 inches tall can dominate any room and provide users with distortion free music. The price of this multi-talented Home Pod is $349.

This HomePod would bring competition for Google Home and Amazon Echo especially in terms of audio quality and attractive design of the gadget.