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Skype For Web Would Be Supporting All Browsers Again


After Microsoft began to develop the Chromium-based Edge browser, the Redmond-based company limited support for the web version of Skype. Now the restrictions are to be lifted so that the platform works again with all browsers.

Previously, the web app could only be used with Chromium-based browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. In May 2021, the developers extended support to Safari. However, it was emphasized on the support page that the platform cannot be used with Firefox. According to the report, Skype on the web can recently be accessed again via Firefox. To do this, the ” web.skype.com ” page must be opened. However, the web app is currently still based on Skype version 8.77.

Skype should be revised

Therefore, there is currently a hint that the functions are limited under Firefox. Still, the program seems to work without any problems. According to the release notes, support will only be extended to other browsers with version 8.78. The build is currently still in the beta phase. In addition to the Chromium browsers and Safari, Skype 8.78 should not only support Firefox but also all other browsers.

Microsoft recently announced that it would overhaul the Skype service. The new version should be faster and more user-friendly. The Redmond company plans to use the innovations in connection with Windows 11 to deliver. When the revised version of the messenger will appear is currently unclear. It is conceivable that the extensive update will be tested and rolled out in the coming months.