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Skype to Roll Out Feature of Call Recording

It’s been fifteen years to Skype when it was launched for the first time. Recently a new version of the app has been launched. Skype is as per reports getting another significant feature and that is of recording calls.

Skype is famous for its video calling options however owing to the lack one important feature that is of call recording it is lagging behind its competitors. However, as per the latest development the Microsoft owned Skype has made an announcement in a blog post that the firm is launching its new version—8.0 for desktops. The new version would be replacing the older version 7.0—which is also dubbed as “Skype Classic”.

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As per the company reports the new feature would start rolling out during late summer and would be available on all the updated versions of Skype with time. In a blog post the firm mentioned that the new feature would be based on cloud, permitting users to easily access the Skype call recordings through many devices including iOS, Windows, Android, Linux and Mac.

It was explained by the team of Microsoft that the call recording is entirely cloud-based and the moment one starts recording the call everyone on the call would be alerted that the call is being recorded. Call recording includes videos of everyone present inside the call along with any screens that are shared during the call.

Previously, another app—Truecaller also introduced the call recording feature. As per the firm this step would assist users in reporting any kind of harassment or fraudulent calls.

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