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Now Deliver Medical Supplies In Small Cardboard Drones

Small Cardboard Drones

Drones, since their lethal use, are more like tiny flying devices which kills or helps in killing. But, a team of young engineers at Otherlab, San Francisco, designed small cardboard drones which can deliver medicines or small medical supplies in emergencies.

Everfly, a division of Otherlab, San Francisco, recently designed a new disposable cardboard drone good to carry medicines. Aerial Platform Supporting Autonomous Resupply Actions or APSARA – is the name given to this small cardboard drone, and it can carry up to two pounds of cargo.

The team engineer, Star Simpson is the mind behind this idea. “It looks like a pizza box that’s been shaped into a wing,” says Simpson. “it’s a glider, so it just floats through the air”.

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The idea of this cardboard drone was to deliver medicine in remote areas or in emergencies. While this is made from pieces of cardboard, the cost of this drone is way too low than a flying drone used as military aircraft. Also, this is the first disposable drone which delivers the cargo.

The company intends to work with humanitarian organizations like Red Cross and MSF. “Anybody who needs medical supplies of medical sensitive food places. We’d love to work with disaster relief organizations,” said Mikell Taylor, Project Lead, Everfly.

These small cardboard drones are actually made from a material called mycelium. The drone made from this material would decompose in days, rather than months.

APSARA uses a GPS and a small motor which controls its wings and helps the drone land within 50 feet of a pre-determined landing spot. As of their design, these drones could be supplied in flat sheets, folded in cardboard drones easily within an hour, and ready to go.

The initial test of APSARA was taken out by a quadcopter, but the idea is to carry these tiny planes on a cargo plane in hundreds or even thousands to deliver medical supplies on a timely basis.

Cover Image by: Wired

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