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Smart Contact Lenses That Allows to Zoom In-Out in A Blink of An Eye

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The University of California San Diego scientists have formed smart contact lenses that are controlled by eye movements and could zoom in and out by blinking twice, as per the reports of Cnet.

These robotic lenses could copy the natural electric signals in the human eye that are active even when the eye is not open. The researchers from the aforementioned university equipped these natural electric signals and integrated them in the lens to be controlled by the eye movements.

For explaining this in easy terms, the researchers weighed the electrooculographic signals made when eyes make certain movements that include up, down, right, left, blink, blinking twice and produced a soft-bio-mimetic lens that responded directly to those electric impulses.

The developed lens has the ability to change its focal length depending on the generated signals.

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Most significantly, the lens even works whether the user could see or not. The operation of the lens does not depend on the quality of sight, however, the electricity generated by the specific movements.

Shengyang Kai—the lead researcher said that even if one’s eye cannot see anything; many people could still pass the eyeballs and produce this electro-oculographic signal.

The researchers have made this technology as they believed that it could be used in the visual prosthesis, adjustable glasses in future and remotely operated robotics.

It is not the first time that someone has tried developing smart lenses. Earlier, Google—the search giant started a project called Google contact lens in 2014. It was targeted at forming contact lenses that could recognize the glucose level from the tears of people. However, after 4 years the company in 2018 made the announcement that it has discontinued the project.

The smart lens technology is the future, owing to develop such technology is a tough task. Many firms have been attempting to form this technology one of which is Johnson & Johnson, which back in 2018 formed Acuvue Oasys contact lenses with the Transition Light Intelligent Technology that get darker in the sun when they are exposed to light.

The company claimed that these lenses would basically be invisible on people with dark eyes, and slightly visible on the people with lighter eyes. These lenses could be worn on a per-day basis up to 14 hours without getting teary eyes.

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