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Snapchat Boss Defends Apple’s 30 Percent Commission

In the debate about commissions in the AppStore, Apple by no means has the entire industry against it – even if this is partly the case in the legal dispute with Epic Games. A contrasting example here is, among other things, Messenger Snapchat.

Evan Spiegel, the boss of the Snapchat operator Snap, told the US broadcaster CNBC that they are quite satisfied with the 30 percent rule. This is also due to the fact that Snapchat would probably hardly exist without the iPhone and the platform behind it created by Apple.

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“With that in mind, I don’t think we would have a choice as to whether to pay the 30 percent fee. And of course, we think it’s okay, given the great technologies that are available to us in terms of software and hardware. Progress has been made available, “said Spiegel. He should not be alone in this, even if many others, who have very few problems with the existing model, are usually not prominent enough to be heard more widely in public.

Critics May Not Help

Above all, the critics whom Epic calls as witnesses in the legal dispute with Apple are visible. These accuse Apple of some criminal behavior, but at least an abuse of the control that is exercised via the iOS platform. Because there is no way around the AppStore for providers of software and services, while various download platforms can be used under Android.

Ultimately, however, the evaluation of the AppStore commissions should mainly depend on how the respective provider is otherwise positioned. For example, anyone who, like Spotify, already has established sales channels in other ways and already has a corresponding administration department, is of course not very enthusiastic about having to pay additional taxes. For smaller app developers, on the other hand, it should be significantly cheaper to hand over all of the payment and customer service work to Apple via the 30 percent rule, instead of having to do it completely yourself.