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Snapchat Introduces Group Video Chats

Snapchat has announced the launch of a new feature that is group video chat feature on Tuesday, permitting up to almost sixteen users to chat with each other through its app. Additionally, if users want to add more people in the chat, the app’s platform would permit them to make group audio call by adding up to thirty-two people.

The newly introduced feature is very easy to use. For experiencing the new feature, one just needs to tap the video icon in a group chat, or just simply start a call with a few people and invite in more new friends to join the chat.

The most loved crown jewel filters of the app would also be present to use within a group video chat.

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The other important addition to the platform is Mentions—which allows one to tag friends in their stories exactly like could be done on Twitter and Facebook.

For tagging a friend one needs to start typing with “@” and after it writes the exact username of the friend one wants to tag, then tap on the name you want tagged. The individuals who see the tagged snap would be able to swipe up and add the person either as a friend or watch any public stories they have posted. The tagged person would be sent a notification in the chat window.

Snapchat is more popular in the people belonging to younger age groups in comparison to the people of the middle-age or above. Keeping the users in mind the app tried improvising by adding more new features accordingly for keeping the people engaged.

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