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Snapchat Is Launching Its First Ever App For Laptops

Snapchat is introducing something new and exciting for its users. The app that just existed on mobile phones is ready to launch its new version on laptops and PCs. The app is developing a version for upcoming Google Pixelbook. Pixelbook by Google was announced at their San Francisco event. The Pixelbook is something in between a laptop and tablet and it will run on Chrome OS.

Google hardware executive Matt Vokoun said, “We’re thrilled to announce that the Snap team is working with us to bring an amazing Snapchat experience to the larger screen on Pixelbook.”

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Social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp already have a desktop version. Snapchat will be following suit but the catch is that it will function on larger, newer and innovative Google Pixelbook.

There is still confusion on how Snapchat, which open’s to phone’s rear camera by default will open on Pixelbook which has a front-facing camera. Pixelbook would enable users to send selfies through Snapchat but the laptop doesn’t have a rear camera.

Now other than this clearly users would be able to message each other via Pixelbook’s physical keyboard and view saved pictures and videos via Memories feature of the app.

Google Pixelbook will hit the market on October 31st and you will be able to buy it paying $999. Let’s see if its features, options, design, and performance will be worth the money or not.