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Snapchat Redesign Under Criticism Among Users

Snapchat has recently launched its app redesign with the focus on expanding the appeal of the youth-oriented social networking platform. Since after the Snapchat’s overhaul it has been under criticism from users. The users are unhappy and complaining about the abrupt redesign of their most loved service.

More than Five lac seventy-eight thousand users have signed an online petition by Monday midday, asking the parent company Snap to roll back the redesign, which was unveiled last week.

The petition states that instead of making the app easier the update has made the app and many of its offered features more difficult.

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Many of the introduced “new features” are of no use or kills the actual purposes Snapchat had been used for the past years.

The update separates the media content from the content shared by friends, this is targeted at preventing problems that are faced by other social networking apps like Twitter and Facebook on the creation of misinformation.

Twitter was bombarded with the angry reactions of many teens who love Snapchat and is their favourite application.




One user tweeted that he is so mad at the update that he does not even want to use the app until the parent firm fixes it.

Another one tweeted saying that the Snapchat update is the worst thing after U2’s album.


Chrissy Teigen—a Supermodel voiced her opinion by tweeting that how many people are needed to protest in order to get a reconsideration by the company over this update.

Even Burger King UK tweeted about the Snapchat update and its dislike for it.

Some Snapchat users have this complain that the app was automatically updated, and they have lost some of the archived messages or data popularly known as Memories.

Twitter was even provided by the steps from users to uninstall the update and to get the older version back. However, the Snapchat support team tweeted that these unofficial ways of getting older version of the app are temporary and would result in getting the users completely locked out of their accounts or in losing Memories.

Debra Aho Williamson—an analyst of the social media for the eMarketer research firm said that it was really early to judge the user reaction on the app’s update.

She added that the users’ reaction is being monitored closely, however, at this point there seems that the update has got no impact on the use of the app among young people.

She further said that it’s a possibility that once the users get use to the redesign they would again start using it as heavily as before.

An eMarketer survey published on Monday indicated that Facebook is losing the younger population at a quicker pace than expected, and people are switching to other apps like Snapchat or Instagram.

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