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Snapchat to bypass Apple’s privacy policy to grab users’ data

Snapchat may bypass Apple’s privacy policy to grab users’ data.


Snap – Snapchat’s parent company – is claimed to be bypassing the iPhone’s privacy regulations. The news came out when Apple announced its new privacy policy. The company is working on new privacy updates to restrict apps from collecting users’ data without their consent.

Snap is not the only one to bypass Apple‘s security update, but it’s definitely the largest one to do such a bad thing. Developers fear that if users have the option to “not be tracked,” they would definitely opt for it, refraining outsiders (third-party apps) from collecting users’ data.

A report claimed that Snap is expecting to collect data from companies analyzing whether users have responded to advertising campaigns, including IP addresses. The company will then use all the available data to identify and track users.

Snapchat said:

We support and will follow the guidelines that Apple will issue soon because we have always believed that advertising should respect consumer privacy. We are currently designing a series of privacy-centric short-term and long-term solutions to ensure that we provide first-class products and provide our community with a privacy-first experience

Many technology companies, including Snap, believe that collecting data on the “user base” will not violate the rules. However, this doesn’t sound right, provided the user chose not to be tracked.

Apple’s policy clearly said:

Developers cannot use analytics software in their applications to collect device data and send it to third parties. In addition, neither developers nor applications can use any device identifier to identify the device.

Source: GizChina