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Social Media Reactions on Trump recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

President of USA Donald Trump has made the announcement that the USA is ready to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. A shocking move that will overturn 50 years of US policy, end any hopes of re-starting Israel-Palestinian peace and promote violence all across the Middle-East region.

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Israel has termed Donald Trump’s move as “historic” but internationally there has been sharp criticism on this announcement.

Especially people all over Middle East have turned to social media to express their deep distress and anger over this decision. Apart from the fact that the announcement is quite unfair, many feel that this decision will create tension, encourage violence and adversely affect the already unpleasant Palestinian Israeli relations. The effect of this decision as anticipated is clear i.e. chaos, instability and hatred.

People from Tehran to Pakistan to Ankara to the war-torn Syria have highly criticized this announcement.

Let’s see how Twitter users have reacted:

Mariam Barghouti, a Palestinian writer tweeted “A Palestinian man tells me as I interview him: “Who is America to declare the capital of Israel when it’s Palestinian land?”

Trita Parsi, Writer and President of the National Iranian American Council tweeted, “This will be the end of American influence in the Middle East as we know it:
Trump’s pyromaniac embassy move to Jerusalem combined w/ enforcing on Palestinians (via Saudis) a “peace plan” that leaves them with nothing.”

Some tweets clearly stated that Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine and not Israel.




While Trump’s announcement has faced huge criticism, there are those who approve of this decision.



But the truth is…