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Some functions of the iPhone 15’s USB-C connector may only be available with Apple-approved cords and accessories

Just months ago, the EU issued a set of new laws and regulations. The regulations required that smartphones must be presented with universal charging technologies. It is now expected that the tech giant Apple might introduce the next series of iPhones having a USB-C port. If this happens, then the USB-C will substitute the proprietary Lightning port.

Although iPhone has a similar connector to other products. But still, it doesn’t essentially mean that every feature of the port will be presented to every accessory or charger that is plugged into it. As per a user on Weibo, Apple has manufactured a Lightning-compatible integrated circuit board. It will be utilized with the USB-C port on the upcoming iPhone model.

This information predicts that the company is going to restrict the interaction of USB-C ports and the devices that are plugged into them. It possibly points out that Apple will introduce a completely exclusive Made-for-iPhone Lightning ecosystem. However, the physical connector shape has been modified. Despite all this information, a doubt arises here. Since the USB-C port provided on the iPad, Macs, and Apple TV remotes are not just limited to Apple-only accessories.

Well, if we consider this information to be true, then it is possible that the USB-C port on iPhone will have support for basic functions like normal speed charging. On the other hand, some exceptional features are only presented with certified cables and peripherals. These added features include high-speed data transfer or high-wattage fast charging.

In general, a Lightning circuit board could be incorporated for more benign purposes. It could play a part in backward compatibility. Such a feature will permit the smooth working of millions of current lightning accessories with the iPhone 15, by the use of an adapter.

It is anticipated that the company will introduce the iPhone 15 in the Fall of 2023. It can be revealed at a media event in September. Some other rumors suggest that the less expensive iPhone 15 models like iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus could be supplied with a standard USB-C port with USB-2 data transfer speeds. On the other hand, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will be provided with support for Thunderbolt 3 over USB-C. It will present the users with fast data transfer and 4K display-out capabilities.