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Sony And Lego Invest 2 Billion in Epic Games

The Epic Gamers Store has been making a loss for years, funded by the golden donkey Fortnite. Now developer Epic Games can announce a hefty cash shower. Sony and the group behind Lego have put two billion into the group – for a very specific project.

Epic Games is now valued at $31.5 billion

Epic Games can look forward to new funding and a new valuation of just under $31.5 billion thanks to another cash injection. Like the company today communicates Sony is one of the companies investing about $1 billion in the company — Sony had already invested about $200 million in the company last year. The second investor is new on board: KIRKBI, the family holding company behind the Lego Group, is also raising $1 billion for Epic Games.

Epic Games already had a collaboration with Lego last year announced However, within the framework of which a “family-friendly implementation of the metaverse” has to be created, as is so often the case with the concept of a digital world that is currently ubiquitous in the tech scene, all details were missing. In the press release about the new funding round, the company reiterated its commitment to investing money in building “the future of digital entertainment”.

meta what?

Is there more solid information this time about what exactly that means? Rather not! The investment from Sony and the Lego Group is to further the “company’s vision to build the Metaverse and support continued growth.” There is also talk of the “connection between the digital and physical world” and a new space “in which creators and users spend their time together”.

Sony is just a little more specific and, in its own words, welcomes a new impetus for “new digital fan experiences in sports and our virtual product initiatives”. “This investment will accelerate our commitment to the digital gaming world, and we are excited to invest in Epic Games to support their continued growth, with a long-term focus on the future Metaverse,” said KIRKBI.