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Sony and Yamaha are Working on a Self-Driving Cart for Theme Parks

Sony and Yamaha

Sony and Yamaha are apparently working on a Self-Driving cart for theme parks.

The work is an expansion of the concept designed for the purpose of entertainment like theme parks, golf courses and commercial facilities. The new version has got the capacity of seating five people instead of three and in much greater comfort.

The new version lasts longer via replaceable batteries and makes use of extra image sensors for improving situational awareness.

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Like before, Sony feels the sensors eradicates the need for windows. A 49-inch 4k monitor on the inside gives a combination of a realistic view of the world, while four 55-inch 4k displays showers passers-by with ads and other material.

It would even make use of the Artificial Intelligence for optimizing promos for the outside people based on the factors like gender and age.

The two firms anticipate using the Socialable Cart for services in Japan sometime in the financial year 2019. The version, however, would not be available for sale.

The version is strictly for fun on closed circuits.

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