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Sony Beefed Up The Production of PS4 consoles To Overcome PS5 Shortage


According to an insider report, Sony has informed its manufacturing partners that production of the PS4 console will continue. Accordingly, it should actually end in 2021, but there is no official information on this. As the Bloomberg news site explained, Sony has not yet announced when PS4 production will end.

Instead, there are now new details about the production plans. As “people familiar with the matter” confirmed to Bloomberg, the original schedule provided for the end of production for the Playstation 4 in 2021. However, the pandemic combined with the huge demand for the PS5 has apparently changed its mind.

According to the report, Sony is said to have decided to continue production of PS4 consoles. The fourth generation of the console has been on the market since 2013. A million more PS4 consoles are also expected to be manufactured, but the number could increase depending on demand for the devices. The reason for the delayed end of the PS4 lies directly in the high demand for the PS5 and the problems Sony has in serving the market.

PS4 will offer relief

One would think that Sony would like to shift a large part of its production capacities to the PS5, but instead the company sees PS4 production as a contribution to offsetting the pressure in the market: after all, the PS4 offers a huge selection of games and the console costs significantly less than the PS5.

There are just as few PS4 stocks as there are for the PS5. The Playstation 4 is currently only available from a few retailers, but most of them are sold out after the Christmas holidays. With the ongoing sale of the PS4, Sony also wants to give the developers more time to bring new, exclusive PS5 games onto the market.

In addition, you still have the dilemma that the new hardware components for the PS5 are more difficult to obtain than those for the previous model.