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Sony dominated the global smartphone image sensor market in 2022

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Some brands don’t reveal much information about the specific components of their products and devices. One such example is with company Apple. Apple only shares a piece of limited information about its iPhones and about the hardware that is built in-house. It has now been clarified by the CEO of the company that Apple is relying on Sony for the supply of camera sensors for over a decade. Besides this, another interesting news over here is that Sony has made it register itself in the worldwide smartphone image sensor revenue due to its immense growth in the respective sector.

A recent research report from Counterpoint Research has highlighted the matter. According to this report, Sony is the only company that has observed a YoY growth in revenue. Of course, this growth is attributed to the huge demand for image sensors. Additionally, the report mentions that Apple has used the image sensors by Sony in its latest iPhone series. Due to huge sales of pro models of iPhone 14, we can say that Sony has witnessed such growth. Both the Pro models i.e., iPhone14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max used the new 48MP IMX803 Sony sensors as well as the selfie camera.

Besides these pro models, the other models from iPhone 14 series and some older models like iPhone 13 utilize the camera sensors by Sony. This huge demand contributed an additional $6 per unit to Sony which amounted to $300 million in Q2 of 2022. In total, its revenue bagged almost 54% in 2022. It is an upscaling of almost 5% as in contrast to the revenue earned in 2021.

Well, if we talk about other smartphone brands, then Samsung performed pretty well in 2022. Although he revenue for the tech firm dropped by 1%. Still, it managed to earn 29% of its revenues. The major advantage was presented by the strategy of enhancement in cameras. Thus, helping the company to recover from the shipment losses.  

Due to the mass production of sub-0.7μm high-resolution sensors, the company was able to ship around 200 million units of 50MP image sensors. Besides this, the S5KJN1 image sensor was a remarkable product. Apart from these products, the South Korean tech company is still believed to be at the top spot in the 100MP and above sensors. Since the tech firm has set a new benchmark with the commercialization of a 200MP sensor.  

With these efforts, the company was able to secure shipments of around 150 million units. In simple words, we can say that Sony and Samsung were the leaders in the image sensor market in 2022. Both of these companies grabbed 83% of the total market share. On the whole, a shrinkage of 6% overall was observed in contrast to the year 2021.