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Sony HT-S400 Comes With Soundbar, OLED display & wireless subwoofer


The electronics manufacturer Sony has launched another soundbar. The device has a power of 330 watts and 2.1-channel sound and a wireless subwoofer. The new mid-range model also has a built-in OLED display. Sony markets the new soundbar under the name HT-S400 and relies on Dolby Digital and a technology developed by S-Force Pro to simulate surround sound. Because the system only has two front speakers, the soundbar cannot produce real surround sound. A wireless subwoofer is responsible for the bass. The subwoofer has a speaker with a diameter of 160 millimeters.

With the built-in X-Balanced speaker unit, distortion would be reduced and voices can be reproduced more clearly. The soundbar was equipped with an integrated speech and night mode. The back of the subwoofer is made from recycled plastic. It is possible to connect the Sony HT-S400 to certain TVs via Bluetooth. In addition, the Sony HT-S400 has an OLED display that shows the user various status information. The soundbar can be operated via a supplied remote control. If you have a Sony Bravia TV, you can also control the device directly through the TV’s interface.

Soundbar is expected from April 2022

The new soundbar costs 270 euros in Europe. Although the HT-S400 is already listed at the first dealers, the device will only be delivered in April. Anyone interested in the soundbar will have to be patient or fall back on alternatives.