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Sony is also working on an XR headset

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An XR headset is expected to be a hot-selling product in the upcoming product line. For this reason, several companies are working to introduce their version of the XR headset in an effort to be a part of the competition. Interestingly, Sony is the new company that has joined the race. The company announced at CES 2024 that it is working on an XR headset. Although the company didn’t reveal the details of the headset, some other details, as well as the design of the headset, were unveiled.

Interestingly, the new product is aimed at professional and corporate consumers. The company states that the new product is targeted for working on 3D models. As stated in the announcement press release, Sony describes the device as an “immersive spatial content creation system” with the goal of “supporting creators in sophisticated 3D content.” In other words, the XR headset by Sony won’t be a competitor to Vision Pro or the Meta Quest 3 since these two products are designed for entertainment.

Design and features of the Sony XR headset

The design of Sony’s XR headset is similar to that of the Apple Vision Pro or the Meta Quest 3. However, there is one clear distinction between the devices. Notably, the display and hardware of the headset can flip. It means that users can quickly return to the real world once they flip it. Furthermore, the headset has two controllers. These include the pointing controller and a ring controller. The pointing controller will be held in the dominant hand, whereas the ring controller is meant to attach to the finger of the other hand.

The company details that the headset features two 1.3-inch OLED microdisplays with a 4K resolution. There are no details regarding the actual resolution or the operating system of the headset. It might be based on Android. These screens, according to the manufacturer, cover 96% of the DCI-P3 color gamut. It is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 chipset.

Additionally, Sony reports that it is working with Siemens to provide designers working with 3D models on the headset with NX Immersive Designer Software from the Siemens Xcelerator range. The company claims that the headset will be available later, in 2024.

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