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Sony launches My PS4 Life to review player gaming history

My PS4 Life

Since 2018 is relatively finished, Sony is eager to give a glance back at your PS4 gaming history – and not only the previous a year. It as of late propelled a My PS4 Life site that gives some eye-opening details about your habits through a shareable custom video. It can demonstrate goodies like the main title you played, the rarest trophy you’ve earned, and (in particular) the hours spent on your best three games. In the event that you’ve sunk a thousand hours into Destiny 2, Sony will make that horrendously clear.

The element is evidently Europe-centered for the present, and Sony cautions that you’re opting into marketing messages when you make your video (you can withdraw later). You’ll additionally need to wait up to 24 hours before getting your clip.

Be that as it may, there are a few upshots past getting a rundown of your gaming past. Kotaku called attention to that you can possibly extrapolate total player counts dependent on the number of individuals who’ve finished a trophy and its relative irregularity. FIFA is moderately mainstream with more than 30 million players in its two latest manifestations, while the harsh around-the-edges Fallout 76 has around 407,000. Take that information with a grain of salt, however. It does exclude probably the newest games, and it doesn’t factor in criteria like used games. It does, nonetheless, give you rough approximations for what individuals are truly playing on the PS4.

On the off chance that there’s an issue with My PS4 Life, it’s basically that the details may indicate you more than you want to see. Would you extremely like to know how long of your life were spent in Call of Duty matches? Now and again, it may serve more as a suggestion to take a break than a celebration of your gaming ability.

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