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Sony may rename its smartphone portfolio and drop the “Xperia” moniker

A tipster named ZACKBUKS, recently shared on Weibo that Sony might rebrand its smartphone series with a new brand name. It indicates that the company will refresh the ‘Xperia’ brand. The tipster shared “2008–2023 Xperia the Best” in his Weibo post, which refers to a memorial date. Notably, the smartphone series has been around for 15 years.

It isn’t easy to envision a large corporation giving up on its flagship smartphone brand, but this information suggests that Sony will do just that. With that, the business might also redesign the phone’s design language. In reality, that will most likely be a component of the rebranding, if it occurs. The company has stuck with the square-shaped design for quite some time now. The company added top and bottom bezels but abandoned the notches and display holes. Some liked the design language, whereas others didn’t appreciate it. If the above-mentioned information is correct, there might be something completely different about the company in the future.

Is the Sony Xperia 1 V (or Xperia 1 VI) the final flagship smartphone to carry the ‘Xperia’ brand?

If we go by this rumor, the Xperia 1 V (or Xperia 1 VI) could be the last smartphone with the ’Xperia’ branding. Currently, there is no word about the new name that could be adopted by the company in the future. The smartphones made by Sony haven’t exactly been selling like crazy.

In the past, the company had trouble getting its devices to market quickly, but in the last few years, things have gotten better. The company needs something more than a simple rebrand in order to improve sales. Besides the availability of devices on the market, the company must improve its marketing strategies.