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Sony now offers beta cross-platform support for Fortnite

cross-platform support for Fortnite

PlayStation gamers have been disappointed by the lack of cross-platform support for Fortnite, the very popular battle royale game. Be that as it may, now Sony has some uplifting news.

Today, the organization reported an open beta that will take into consideration cross-platform support for Fortnite gameplay between the PlayStation 4 and iOS, Android, the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and Mac.

The point of the beta is to test the client encounter on this sort of cross-stage play, which is the first run through Sony Interactive Entertainment has tried different things with this element. The release clarifies that, if this test goes well, the organization might be available to cross-platform play on different games later on.

Some portion of the interest of Fortnite has been the capacity to play with different gamers, paying little respect to the platform you are on. PlayStation users were not able to share in that part of the game. To exacerbate the situation, SIE’s prohibitive approaches guaranteed that players couldn’t sign into an Epic Games account connected to PSN from their Nintendo Switch.

Presently, it creates the impression that Sony is venturing over from its hard-line position on cross-platform gaming. While ongoing concentration for this issue has been on Fortnite, other well-known games, for example, Minecraft and Rocket League have been influenced by SIE’s absence of help for cross-platform playing. Directions on the best way to get to the Fortnite open beta haven’t yet been discharged, however, you can make sure that this will be a prominent choice among PS4 clients.

Cross-platform support for Fortnite is bound to lure in more gamers and provide a more interactive gaming experience.

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