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Sony Registers Patent To Launch PlayStation Mobile Controller

Sony Mobile Controller

The Japanese company Sony is a huge player in the stationary console market and has been for decades. In the field of mobile devices, however, the company was unsuccessful despite several attempts. One could try again soon, but indirectly.

With the PlayStation Portable and the PlayStation Vita, Sony has had two technically remarkable, but largely unnoticed attempts at handheld consoles on offer by gamers. There is also a smartphone like the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, which wanted to make mobile gaming suitable for mobile phones. None of this worked, at least if you take sales success as a benchmark.

“Halved” PlayStation controller with smartphone in the middle

But the Japanese electronics giant apparently does not want to give up the topic entirely despite all its failures. Because Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has applied for and was issued a patent that shows an additional extension for smartphones VGC reported.

Sony Mobile Controller patent
Sony Mobile Controller Patent

The whole thing can best be described as a “halved” PlayStation controller with the mobile device screen in the middle. The controller itself is more reminiscent of DualShock 4 and Co. and less of the current DualSense of the PlayStation 5. However, one should not take such patent drawings too closely, because these are sketches that are only intended to show and explain the basic functionality. However, one should not conclude on design and the like.

The PlayStation controller design could still be relevant in this case. Because the concept of a “sandwiched” smartphone screen is not entirely new. Accessories such as the Razer Kishi or GameSir X2 are currently more oriented towards Nintendo’s switch console; these devices do not have a classic handle. Whether and when Sony will bring this solution to market is in the stars, patents are never a guarantee for an actual market launch.