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Sony Sends Updates to PS5 and the PlayStation App

Sony has rolled out some new features both for the PS5 and the PlayStation app. More to come.


This current week Sony is showing some generous offers for the PS5, the PlayStation app. For the app, the company re-introduced the wishlist and some more features.

With the wishlist, players can save games they want to try, even if not on the website or the console. Other than this feature, the app is given two more updates. One of the features has the ability to notify you when your friends come online – pretty cool.

Then there is this feature where the app lets you change your online status. Another useful feature, when you don’t want anyone to see you online.

Sony is really making things easier. The company also introducing the capability to join multiplayer game sessions on the PS5 from the app. This feature is not part of the update rolled out this week. It would soon come your way.

Sony is also adding a feature to allow compare trophies and keep track of and manage your console’s storage. Not to mention, you can already download games to your console from the app.

According to the source, there’s more to come in the coming few days or weeks. So stay tuned.