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Sony Shows Recommended PS5 Settings Before The Launch

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Shortly before the launch of the PlayStation 5, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s customer service department explains the most important settings and functions of the new console in several videos. Among other things, it is about the new 3D audio, the haptic feedback, the use of the online ID, and the data transfer from the PS4 to the PS5. This is to give buyers a start that is as frustration-free as possible.

The first video is about how to optimally configure the console after switching it on for the first time. Sony recommends that you first adjust the audio output via the system settings. This applies to the microphone and the volume, for example. But the new 3D audio can also be switched on there and adjusted using different profiles.

The new haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers of the new controller can also be adjusted via the settings. The same applies to energy-saving settings. If desired, the console can also install updates in the idle state, charge connected controllers, and be switched on remotely. But if you want to save more electricity, you can switch these functions off.

In another video, Sony explains how to transfer your online ID to the Playstation 5 and thereby gain access to linked content such as friends lists, trophies, and compatible games. A third video also shows how to transfer the data from compatible PS4 titles to the new console.

In Europe, Sony’s Playstation 5 will be released on November 19, 2020. In Japan and the USA, it will start a week earlier, namely on November 12.