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Soon China would start receiving Xiaomi’s own electric cars

It is more likely that we would be seeing electric cars from Xiaomi, as the leaks predicted.

After Xiaomi mobiles, we may soon see Xiaomi cars rolling on roads. A Chinese source recently hinted that the company might soon start working on its own electric car.

According to leaks, Xiaomi cars will resemble Xiaopeng cars (Xiaopeng P7) in China. The cars would be geared with advanced technology. Furthermore, it’s also said that Wang Chuan would be leading the project. Soon after the leaks hit the base, Xiaomi Group shares started lifting and increased by 2.6% since the announcement.

Wang Chuan is the co-founder and director of strategy at Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. He joined the company back in 2012 when he took the role to lead the most profitable departments at that time – TV development. He has also shown his skills in the company’s HR department and served in the department of large household appliances.

With much of his experience and expertise, he is the right person to lead the new project.

More from the leaks say that Lei Zun, co-founder of the company, met with Li Bin, founder of Weilai Automobile, to further boost his knowledge on various automotive issues.

According to one source, Xiaomi had previously denied anything related to launching their own electric cars. But now we have solid grounds to believe that company is heading towards exploring new realms, starting with electric vehicles.

Xiaomi Group has always been interested in the development of the electric vehicle ecosystem, constantly evaluating the industry and conducting research on trends in related areas. The research work of Xiaomi Group in the field of electric vehicles has not yet reached the official stage of the project.

Source: GizChina