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Space Force season 2 trailer teases mayhem on Earth, space


“Whatever happens on the moon, stays on the moon!” Last season on Netflix‘s Space Force, Steve Carell’s Gen. Mark R. Naird did everything he could to keep the space race with China from becoming a full-blown war. However, the tension has ramped up in the first trailer for Space Force 2.
In the clip below, Mark faces a congressional committee about his position as Space Force’s Chief of Space Operations. There’s also a new administration in power, and it isn’t sure if Space Force should simply abandon its mission. If Mark can’t whip Space Force into shape in just a few months, then he will be stripped of his command.
While the personal stakes are high for Mark, he still has a remarkable knack for getting himself in awkward situations. And there will be plenty of comedic moments between the characters, both in space and on Earth. The trailer also spends some time on the burgeoning romantic relationship between Captain Angela and Dr. Chan Kaifang.

The trailer also reveals that Patton Oswalt plays a role this season as an astronaut in space on an extended mission. How his storyline intersects with the rest of the narrative isn’t explicitly revealed, but Oswalt’s presence is always welcome in a Greg Daniels comedy. His Parks & Recreation guest appearance was memorable, and accurately sums up nerd culture in the span of a few minutes.

John Malkovich also stars in the series as Dr. Adrian Mallory, with Ben Schwartz as F. Tony Scarapiducci, Diana Silvers as Erin Naird, Tawny Newsome as Capt. Angela Ali, Jimmy O. Yang as Kaifang, and Don Lake as Brig. Gen. Bradley Gregory. The series was created by Carell and Daniels, both of whom famously teamed on the American version of The Office.

Space Force season 2 will premiere on Netflix on Friday, February 18.

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