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Spotify Adds TikTok Like Feature To The App

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The beta version of the music streaming service Spotify has been given a new function. The app now has a feature that many TikTok users should be familiar with. In the future, it will be possible to watch short video clips accompanied by music in portrait format.

The feature is called Spotify Discover and can be accessed via the toolbar of the mobile app. Twitter user Chris Messina discovered the function in the latest beta version and emphasized that Spotify had not added the fourth icon to the toolbar for a long time. The start screen, the search function, and the library can also be called up via the toolbar. Spotify Discover shows short videos that can be swiped vertically. Good clips can be provided with a heart.


Short clips to find new music

In contrast to TikTok, the videos displayed should not be any clips. The content should come from official music videos and make it easier to find new music. In addition to the actual clip, the name of the song played, the associated album, and the artist of the song is displayed. Spotify Discover could primarily suggest songs to the user that match their own musical taste but have not yet been listened to or saved.

So far, however, it remains fairly unclear whether and when Spotify will make the function available to all users. It is possible that the provider will officially announce the feature in the next few weeks and integrate it into the final version of the app after a test phase. So far, however, the music streaming service has not yet commented on the topic.