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Spotify new feature to mute and block artists is coming soon

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Spotify has been observed testing new blocking features in its app, the company is testing the new feature in its iOS app which will let users to mute of block artists, the feature dubbed “Don’t Play this Artist”.

The new feature was tested by The Verge, before it rolls out to the users, the feature will allow users not to play the songs from the blocked artists in the playlist, library, chart list or even radio stations on Spotify.

According to the details the block feature only works for the songs by an individual artist and not on the songs that an artist is featured on. Thurrott first spotted the feature back in 2017, the company first decided not to offer the block feature but the company has now changed its decision.

Spotify has been under immense pressure to offer the block feature after a controversy which accused Singer R. Kelly of sexual violence and abuse for 25 years. The hashtag on Twitter #MuteRKelly and several other forms of protests has helped bringing attention to the accusations. Spotify has also done the job on its end by removing R. Kelly from curated playlists but critiques say it did very little. Spotify is now seriously working on the block feature and leaving it up to users to mute, block individual artists on the platform.