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Spotify Skip Ads Feature “Active Media” is rolling out letting users skip ads for free


Spotify Skip Ads Feature has been rolled out silently in Australia which let users skip as many ads as they wish.

Spotify is reportedly testing a new feature which allows users to skip audio as well as video ads without a paid subscription. Spotify has named the feature “Active Media” though it sounds an advertiser’s kit, but it is designed for a normal user who can use the feature without paying for skipping ads.

The feature as reported has been rolled out in Australia silently, the users would be able to skip ads on Free Spotify app now, however, the advertisers would only be paying for the ads that are completed by the users.

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The move seems to be threatening Spotify’s ad revenue as well as advertiser’s interest because many people just skip the ads without even listening or viewing it completely. However, Spotify is more focused on collecting user preferences data in order to target advertisements in a better way for the future.

The move also sounds good for advertisers at some point, they only have to pay for the ads that are completed in views of listens by the users, saving a lot of money for them, similarly, some advertisers may not like the idea completely because their ads never got completed and always skipped.

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Spotify classed “Active Media” feature as a first of its kind globally, the feature will allow the company to learn from each interaction and deliver personalized ad experience to the users. Spotify has also called the feature as an evolution of its advertising model, it is not yet clear yet what Spotify wants to achieve with this approach, Spotify has not hinted about the global rollout of the feature either.