Spotify to introduce YouTube Music’s best features on the platform

Spotify is one of the top music streaming apps in the world. There are other streaming apps that are popular too among users but as they aren’t much popular as Spotify.  However, unlike YouTube Music’s Smart downloads, which have been available since mid-2019, Spotify does not offer the option to automatically download tracks that you frequently listen to. Premium listeners of Spotify have long had access to up to 10,000 albums, playlists, and podcasts on up to five different devices. However, according to firm CEO Daniel Ek, Spotify might soon introduce its own version.

Ek released a screenshot of the upcoming “Your Offline Mix” playlist in a tweet on Thursday, stating that it is “designed for those times when you might not be online.” The CEO didn’t go into further detail regarding this functionality, but he currently seems receptive to recommendations.

This implies that neither a release date nor the number of songs that would be downloaded automatically are known for this new offline playlist. For instance, listeners can have up to 500 songs automatically downloaded for offline playback with YouTube Music’s Smart download’s function.

Spotify has been working on integrating automatically curated offline playlists into its service for some time, as TechCrunch notes. Jane Manchun Wong, a dependable source of app feature leaks, discovered an unfinished version of Spotify’s “Offline User Mix” a little over three years ago. However, for some reason, it was never released.

It’s safe to assume that the new Your Offline Mix playlist will ultimately appear in the main app since word of it came directly from Spotify’s top brass. TechCrunch discovered at least two individuals (1, 2) who appeared to have access to Your Offline Mix, suggesting that testing had already begun.

An offline playlist like this might be helpful in a variety of situations, such as when you forget to manually download songs before a long-haul travel. Only the songs you listen to should eventually be automatically saved for offline playback by Spotify’s algorithms after they have had time to learn based on your listening habits.

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