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Stadia: Bluetooth update could save controllers from scrap

With the upcoming discontinuation of the cloud gaming service Google Stadia, thousands of controllers could end up in electronic waste. Although the Stadia Controller also supports Bluetooth, the chip remains disabled during normal operation. An update could help. The controller, sold by Google, was designed for use with Stadia and has the option to connect directly to the user’s WiFi network.

This should reduce latency during the game since the controller does not have to communicate with the PC first. However, the Stadia servers will be shut down on January 18, 2023, after which the feature will no longer be available.

In addition, the Stadia controller has a USB port and can be connected to a computer with a cable. This function will remain in the future. However, many gamers rely on wireless controllers and are likely to replace the Google hardware with models from other manufacturers.

Bluetooth is disabled by default

However, there is still the possibility that the Stadia controller will be used as a wireless input device. According to Google, the controller supports Bluetooth Classic on the hardware side. In regular operation, however, the feature is only required for the initial setup, so that the chip is then switched off.

Arstechnica According to Google, a software update for the controller can be released at any time, which allows the use of the Bluetooth function. This would not only help the players but also reduce the amount of e-waste. If Google itself does not provide such an update, the search engine company could release the source code of the software. It remains to be seen whether Google can be persuaded to take such a step.

The community is currently working diligently on interim solutions that allow the Stadia controller to communicate wirelessly with the computer via detours. To do this, the device is first connected to an Android smartphone. An Xbox controller is then emulated via a WLAN connection to a Windows PC.

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