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Steam Introduces 90-Minute Free Trial For New Users

It has long been reported that Steam wants to introduce test versions. This allows players to try out a title for a certain period of time before buying it. Now the first “Free Trial” has appeared on the platform.

Steam introduces trial versions: The first “free trial” is here

Steam has a fairly accommodating return policy. If you don’t like a game, it can be returned within a two-hour window. It is now becoming apparent that the platform will offer users an even more attractive solution for trying out games. Recently, the Dead Space remake has been provided with a new option: the title can be played for 1 hour and 30 minutes without having to purchase it beforehand. The game can be installed directly on the store page.

As noted by GameSpot, the Dead Space trial version is not restricted in any way other than the limited play time, so players can take full advantage of the game and its features during the trial period. The platform is expected to expand the catalog of available trial games in the near future, but which titles will be forthcoming is still a matter of speculation. The assumption is that publisher EA will definitely use this new means of customer acquisition on Steam. Which titles can be tried out in this way in the future is, in all likelihood, entirely up to the publishers.

There is currently no indication as to whether the trial versions are only available for a certain period of time or whether they will remain as a permanent option. In any case, the trial option for Dead Space appeared as part of EA’s current publisher sale. When the event ends on May 29th, you will see if the free trial remains available after that.