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“Strike, You’re out!”, a new policy from TikTok for content moderation


Tiktok, a video sharing platform, has introduced some advanced methods for content moderation. This feature will help keep a check on the content that is being posted on the platform. As per information from the company’s official blog, this attempt is said to be an attempt to acquire transparency on the platform.

Maintaining content quality on a platform is quite difficult. However, on a platform like TikTok, it’s almost impossible to keep a check on the content. The company has assembled a group of individuals who will be in charge of this content moderation act.

This team will observe the content on a daily basis and remove harmful content that could cause trauma. This traumatized content includes porn, abusive videos directed at women or children, and videos that promote violence in general.

The strike system will help with content moderation on TikTok

The company is designing some serious policies against people who are repeatedly violating rules on the platform. The company is planning a system that is mostly similar to YouTube. Every time you violate the policies of Platform, it will add up to a strike in your account’s record. After a certain number of strikes, your account will be locked. How many strikes it will take to get your account blocked is dependent on the level of violation you are committing.

Minor offences may count as one strike, but higher levels of offence may result in multiple strikes at once. There are also higher-level offences that can result in your account being permanently banned.

The number of strikes against your account can be seen. The information page will notify you of your account’s activity and forecast whether it is in a good or bad position. This will also help you know if your account is on the verge of being banned.

The strike on your account will be removed after 90 days. However, it may also vary with the type of violation and strike against your account. This feature is currently being made available to the general public.